3M Medium Voltage New Product Spotlight

3M Medium Voltage & Accessories
Swift has the products and the expertise you need for medium voltage. Whether it’s time-saving splice kits, termination kits, or cold shrink products, we have you covered.

3M™ Cold Shrink Shielded Splice Kits

  • For splicing shielded, solid dielectric, power cables
  • Each kit contains all the materials required to construct three (3) single conductor splices on Tape Shield, Wire Shield or UniShield® cables Connectors and optional ground strap not included
  • The kit can also be used to splice a shielded to a non-shielded 5/8 kV cable

Medium Voltage Termination Kits

  • Provides a void-free seal to tape shield, wire shield and UniShield® power cables
  • High dielectric-constant material regulates the distribution of electric field stress
  • Suitable for indoor applications
  • Silicone rubber insulation offers durability and reduces leakage currents in damp conditions