Residential Applications

Safety & Comfort for the Home

  • Pipe freeze protection systems are flexible and easy to attach.
  • Both FrostGuard and WinterGard series protection are made to withstand dry and wet locations.
  • Roof and gutter de-icing systems protect from ice dams, heavy snow build-up, and icicles
  • Surface snow melting systems keep sidewalks, stairways and driveways free of snow and ice.
  • Electric floor heating systems offer the comfort of a warm floor that is maintenance-free for your customers.

Commercial Applications

Commercial Heat Tracing Solutions

  • Pipe freeze protection systems prevent freezing, bursting, and water damage.
  • Grease waste flow maintenance keeps the fat, oil, and grease mixtures in suspension from the kitchen to the interceptor.
  • Roof and gutter de-icing systems are ideal for modern membrane roofs and keeping roof drains free of snow and ice.
  • Surface snow melting systems provide constant heat to make even suspended stairwells and parking garages safe from ice.
  • Hot water temperature maintenance systems help save water by ensuring a quick, constant source of hot water.
  • Freezer frost heave protection includes solutions for both large and small coolers and freezers.

NUHEAT Floor Warming

Floor Heating Products for Every Application

  • Custom mats for complex shapes and sharp angles.
  • Standard mats for easy and fast installation.
  • Floor heating cable for on-site flexibilty.
  • Cable & Membrane for flexibility and adjustable heat.
  • Mesh for both on-site flexibility and fast installation.

NUHEAT Thermostats


  • Wifi-enabled.
  • iOS® and Android® apps.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa®, Google Assistant®, IFTTT®, and more.
  • Open API for custom integrations.
  • Displays live local weather forecast.
  • Includes all of the functions of the nVent NUHEAT Home thermostat.


  • 3.5” color touchscreen.
  • 7-day programmability.
  • Energy-use monitor.

Project Services

Proposals & Estimates
Consultation to develop Electric Heat Trace scope, applications, and outline required engineering deliverables.

Project Management
Manage design, supply, and installation services as well as the procurement, buy-outs, and delivery of materials.

Engineering & Design
Service teams available for custom layout drawings, on-site field engineering, and performance optimization.

Construction / Installation
Installation of heat trace products, power distribution, and control wiring, as well as on-site supervision.

Field Support
Commissioning/start-up assistance, troubleshooting,
repair, audits, training, and after market technical or field
support as needed.