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  • WER A100301 3/4 Carabinners
  • WER A111104 4ft Cross Arm Anchor Point
  • WER A111106 6ft Cross Arm Anchor Point
  • WER A510000 Reusable Concrete Anchor 3/4 Hole
  • WER A510001 Swivel Reusable Anchor 3/4 Hole
  • WER A550000 I-Beam Slide Anchor Point
  • WER C311100 6ft Decoil Lanyard
  • WER C411100 6ft Decoil Twin Leg Lanyard
  • WER C411200 6ft Decoil Twin Leg Lanyard w/ Rebar Hooks
  • WER H112002 Blue Armor 2000 M/L Harness
  • WER H112004 Blue Armor 2000 XL Harness
  • WER H212002 Blue Armor 1000 M/L Harness
  • WER H212004 Blue Armor 1000 XL Harness
  • WER H412002 Basewear Harness With Tongue Buckle Straps
  • WER K121013 Aerial Kit Standard Harness & 6ft Decoil Lanyard
  • WER L201100 100ft Verticle Lifeline
  • WER R330010 10ft Self Retracting Lifeline Max Patro

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